Day 4 Trip to Skala

Back on the Road Again! Back on the road again and this time we decided to go down to Skala. We drove through Lourdata as we needed fuel for the Quad Bike. We had many questions, what fuel, we knew it was Unleaded, but would there be a choice? How much would it be? And […]

Day Two Kefelonia Sea Kayak Trip

Paul had looked on the internet before we left home and had made contact with Yvonne at Seakayaking Kefelonia We booked the trip for ‘Argostoli Lighthouse to the airport’, once we had arrived on the Island. It was a quick walk down the hill to where the Kayaks are based.  We arrived at 8.45am […]

Day one Kefelonia. A Long Walk

    It is approximately 2 miles to the village along a little road with no footpaths.  There are a few houses, some lived in, some very obviously empty and some never finished being built.   We past the Headquarters of Seakayaking Kefalonia The scenery was beautiful. Views to the mountains on our left and […]

Day 78 Kandy town

Sri Lanka Bus

January 20th We walked down the drive to take a photo of the river that runs through the valley. It is the biggest river in Sri Lanka called Mahaweli River. There is a drought at the moment in Sri Lanka. The monsoons they should have had in October never arrived and now there is a […]

Day 77 Royal Botanical Gardens

January 19th. We have heard a lot about the Royal Botanical Garden so were excited to be going. A tuktuk ride took us to the gate where yet again the Foreigners have a different price to the locals. We paid 3,000r. for the two of us to go in. We were given a leaflet with […]