5 days to go

We have been so busy!!!
Travel insurance
Car insurance (to add family members to drive while we are away)
House insurance
Cats injections ready for their holiday
Hair cuts
Prescriptions (a very large bag full)
Time spent with all 6 children
Train tickets
Purchased books, pens and pencils for Cambodian school children
and finally this evening a trial run of getting everything into the rucksack!!!!


We need visas for Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Decided to use travel agent visa service because the documents from Vietnam looked very confusing.

Not as easy as we thought, took several hours because their form they sent us was a PDF,  but they wanted it retuned as a WORD document.

We eventually competed applications and they and our passports are in the post.

It all begins

We all have dreams…. Some of us are lucky to have them come true.

Paul and myself have talked of travelling to the other side of the world and seeing some of the places that most people only ever see in photos.  Time is ticking on for us and the thought of not retiring from work until maybe we are 70 years old made us make a life changing decision.

We will not wait until we retire too old and unfit to travel.  We will do it this year!!!!

And so our story begins……  At the age of 64years, let’s do the long haul trips while we can. Maybe Australia and New Zealand stopping off somewhere on the way home.  Let’s ask for 3 months off work.

After consultation with the Trustees at work we were granted the three months off work and the planning began.

Our first trip to the travel agent in Leicester was in March 2016.

We were met by Fran who produced a map and we started planning the countries we would like to visit on the way home.  Guess what??  There were far too many to see in three months.  This was when our thoughts changed and after long discussions at home we returned to STA with an idea.

We would start our trip in Cambodia, travel from north to south in Vietnam, visit Thailand and Malaysia and to break the trip home into shorter flights, we would visit SriLanka.

Now the fun begins…