Day Two Kefelonia Sea Kayak Trip

Paul had looked on the internet before we left home and had made contact with Yvonne at Seakayaking Kefelonia

We booked the trip for ‘Argostoli Lighthouse to the airport’, once we had arrived on the Island.

It was a quick walk down the hill to where the Kayaks are based.  We arrived at 8.45am and were met with a warm welcome from Tom.   The other instructors were making the finishing touches to the kayaks which were already loaded on the trailer.  Introductions to the other Staff and we were invited to jump in the car and we were on our way.  Approximately half an hour later and we were at the start of our journey at Argostoli Lighthouse.

Meeting our fellow paddlers
Meeting our fellow paddlers


We were given full instructions on paddling, what to wear (with plenty of spare tee shirts and hats for those that needed it) and how to fit our belongings into the hatch in the boat.


Preparing the boats on a small beach next to the lighthouse.


We are off
We are off

It was only a short paddle till our first cave.  We went into the cave two boats at a time. It was quite dark inside and you could hear the waves crashing further in, in another cavern.


Instructors check out the cave
Instructors check out the cave

Round a very small headland and we went into another cave.



The third cave was amazing.  Large enough for all our boats to fit in and looking up we could see the sky.  The entry was quite low and we went in one at a time with the current so as not to hit our heads.