Day one Kefelonia. A Long Walk



It is approximately 2 miles to the village along a little road with no footpaths.  There are a few houses, some lived in, some very obviously empty and some never finished being built.




We past the Headquarters of Seakayaking Kefalonia



The scenery was beautiful. Views to the mountains on our left and the sea on our right.

We stopped at the local bakery for a coffee.  They have a couple of chairs outside so we sat a while and watched the world go by.  The builders were busy laying a patio next door. (By the end of the week it had opened as a restaurant !!)


We decided to walk on and head for the beach.  This was another 2 miles all downhill, but sheer hills in places.  We passed through a pretty little village and eventually made it to the beach.





There is a concrete ‘promanade’ with some little wine bars along.  We saw a sign for a Fish Restuarant so headed for that.  We had to go up a dirt track and through some gates which looked like we were entering someone’s garden.

Lithero Restuarant and Studios had plenty of seating and we chose to sit in the sun overlooking the small harbour and the neighbouring beaches.  The harbour is man made and only takes a couple of small motor boats or fishing boats.



We ate sardines and Greek salad. It was all lovely.



The Restuarant owner could speak some English and told us that we could walk back along the beach to Trapezaki in about 25 minutes.


We set off but soon found it wasn’t one long beach, and many times we had rocky outlets to clamber over.  We also discovered that this is a very popular area for nudist and in every little cove we found more.


One and half hours later!!!!!! We made it to Trapezaki Beach.  This is a very tiny bay with what could be a small beach but at the moment it is piled high with dried sea weed.  There is only one bar/Restuarant right down on the beach called Denis Bar.  Again it is fairly new.  Looks like it might be two brothers working there and they are still busy landscaping the rocky garden around them.  It would be rude to walk straight past so we popped in for a ‘quick one’ before taking on the last leg of the journey.





Then a quick beer at Denis’s Bar on Trapezaki Beach



From the beach up is another 2 miles and every inch of it is uphill – steep hills!!!    Eventually we made it back to base with legs that didn’t want to walk another inch.

We went out to eat later and went to Veramente Resturant.  The Resturant was full so we said we would wait.


FXP26294We sat at the bar with a glass of wine and the Restuarant owner chatted to us every time he had a minute.

FXP26288He has a large painting of his parents and grandparents on the wall and is proud to claim that his cooking has been influenced by his Grandmother.


Once in the Restuarant the views are stunning and as night fell you could see the lights across the bay and the little cruise ship out in the bay.  We ate Souvlaki, a traditional Greek stew. We were given a complimentary desert of Greek yogurt and fruit as a thank you for waiting for a table.



Photography by Imagesbeyondwords

Denis Resturant and Bar Trapezaki

Veramente Grill House Trapezaki

Seakayaking in Kefalonia